What to expect when taking your horse to the water treadmill for the first time

Join Thomas on his first trip to the water treadmill here at FMBs HQ!

Equine Water Treadmill Therapy – the benefits are endless!

Equine water treadmill therapy - the benefits are endless!

Summer Introductory Offer!

£80 off the RRP of our new Red Light Tendon Wrap, when purchased with the Icehorse Tendon Wraps!! [...]

Alternative Therapy Products – have you considered all the options?

Making Sense Of It All We’ve all heard of vibration therapy, but how could it [...]

Exciting News!! Our 2019 Sponsored Riders Competition is here!

Exciting News!! Here at FMBs Therapy Systems we are again looking to support two chosen [...]

The Benefits of Equine Hydrotherapy

Equine Water Treadmills are a great way to enhance suppleness, stride length, increase cardio-vascular fitness [...]

Cold Therapy

Cryotherapy, or cold therapy as it is more simply known, is one of the most [...]

Have you considered Aqua Therapy?

Have you ever thought about aqua therapy and how it may benefit your horse? Have [...]