Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy, also referred to as PEMF, uses a range of different frequencies to help stimulate different cells in the body, helping them to work more efficiently.

Whilst PEMF can be used day to day for general health and well being, it can also be used for rehabilitation and healing, helping to aid the repair of soft tissue injuries, reducing inflammation, for pain relief and even the healing of fractures.

The body is made up of numerous tissue cells which all need energy to function. All living tissue energy is electromagnetic by nature and cells produce their own electromagnetic fields. Damaged, fatigued or inefficient cells will have their metabolic processes impaired and a less effective electromagnetic field. PEMF therapy uses tiny electrical signals that stimulate the cells, and help restore their natural electromagnetic field. This results in more regulated cells, with membrane channels opening up allowing more nutrients into the cell and waste products out. Once enough cells are restored they will all work more efficiently.

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