triple olympic
Gold Medalist

“Valegro and Uthopia have the Activo-Med rug on everyday which completely relaxes them throughout the treatment. These rugs to me are unique, as they enhance the performance of sports horses, keeping them feeling supple, flexible and recovered, which all helps them perform at their best in the arena.”


Olympic Gold

“I Use Activo-Med religiously on my competition horses before and after competition. It is so important that my horses muscles are warmed up and warmed down correctly and this is why I use Activo-Med”


Olympic Gold

“I find the Activo-Med rug hugely benefits the horses’ suppleness and makes the sharper horses quieter and softer to ride. They are all much more relaxed when I first get on them and need much less time to warm up. The margins for error are so slight in show jumping and so having the horses as soft and supple as possible is very important. I definitely feel I get better results from the horses when using the Activo-Med Combi rug and both the horses and I would be lost without it.”


Olympic Gold

“The Activo-Med Light Therapy in conjunction with our magnetic and massage rug has provided a regular and consistent treatment pattern for our horses – we’re thrilled with it.”


champion irish

“With the Activo-Med pulsed electromagnetic and massage rugs and light therapy from FMBs Therapy Systems I have treatments which not only help to keep the horses mentally relaxed, promote muscle tone and circulation, but also which help to manage the stiffnesses, swellings and soreness which occur during the training of any athlete. By using the FMBS system I know I am doing the very best for my horses for optimum well-being and performance, as evidenced by our racing results.”



“Having used the Activo-Med Combi System for over 10 years, I can honestly say it’s worth the investment 10 times over!Whilst
the Activo-Med systems are excellent for rehabilitation, I use the unique pulsed electromagnetic and massage rug on all the horses both
before they are worked
to loosen and relax their muscles and afterwards to aid the recovery process and optimise each of the horse’s performance.The systems are easy to use, breathable, lightweight and horse-friendly.”



“Since using the Activo-Med Combi rug on the horses I have noticed an improvement in their ability to get over muscle problems. They come out looser after treatments, look better in themselves generally and are very relaxed when being treated.”



“We are very lucky at Oakingham Stud to have most of the superb Activo-Med equipment.We use the Combi rug daily on as many horses as possible and find it very beneficial it also runs the Activo-Med leg wraps and light therapy equipment.We also have the most stunning therapy room containing a Water Treadmill, Dry Treadmill, Spa and Combi Vibro floor, all installed and supplied by FMBs Therapy Systems.We could not be happier with the quality and benefits of owning the equipment nor with the service and knowledge provided.”


olympic gold

“The New Activo-Med Combi Pro is a must for all performance horses and is an integral part of my horses daily routine. The rug used pre exercise loosens and softens muscles and I have found it especially beneficial in recovery post exercise.

What I love about the Combi Pro is its versatility of settings and programmes to suit each individual horse.”


5* winner and Team gb Event Rider

“I have found my Activo-Med Combi Pro rug and leg wraps to be a vital piece of equipment towards the management of my 3 day event horses. They have proved to be extremely useful at the yard and also at events.”


former world & european champion and olympic medalist

“I use the Activo-Med Combi Pro on my horses at home and at competitions as part of the daily routine. There are a variety of pre-set programmes that can be set to suit individual requirements and the system definitely helps keep the horses feeling supple and relaxed.”


former European champion

“I have used the Activo-Med rug on the event horses and racehorses and I am very pleased with the way it has worked. The pre-warmup setting has been especially useful for those that are a bit cold backed and to loosen up muscles before exercise. I have also used it on horses that have some muscular soreness to help bring them back to full fitness. At big events such as the Europeans, the post exercise programme is great for helping the horses relax after the cross country and it eases any muscle soreness.”


International event RIDER

“This system is like a dishwasher: now I have it I can’t imagine life without it. I use it daily on all my horses and it definitely benefits their well-being and performance”


Equine Management and Training

“As a training and rehab yard we use FMBS products on a daily basis whether for helping to promote general health and well-being or for helping treat specific injuries or muscular issues.

The Activo-Med Combi system undoubtedly loosens and softens muscles enabling horses to work much more freely and easily. Having a combination of PEMF and massage in a product is invaluable generally but particularly for our rehab work as both therapies serve to improve the blood supply which promotes healing. The leg wraps and hoof boots, which can be used alone or with the rug, are equally invaluable in helping treat tendon, suspensory ligament and foot injuries as well as being a preventative therapy to help keep horses’ limbs in the best possible condition. And, for us, the laser really comes into its own when working with long-standing injuries and scar-tissue.

We love the versatility that the FMBS products provide us in that they can be used in combination or separately facilitating general or very targeted therapy.”


GB Para TEAM gold medalIST

“Karen (Team GBR equine osteopath) used the Activo-Med rug on my horse BB Call Me Caine each time before I rode him and he felt as if he had been warmed up for 10/15 minutes, he was altogether much looser and happier and I felt a real difference.”


event rider

“I really rate the combi rug – it aids good circulation, is excellent for muscle healing and relaxes the horses. I use it all the time and think it’s particularly useful before and after events. My horses enjoy wearing it too!”


event rider

“Managing the physical well-being of my horses is an important aspect of keeping them on the road. The ActivoMed rug plays an important role in ensuring we prevent and manage muscle soreness pro-actively leaving me with the peace of mind to focus on helping them give of their best in training and competition.”


para equestrian
team manager

It was very generous of FMBS and Magnet Medics to supply the Activo-Med rug and I am sure it contributed to the well-being of the horses during the Championships.”


Grand Prix Dressage Rider

“Just thought I would drop you a line to say how pleased I am with the Activo Med Rug. I have a 14 year old Grand Prix horse called Desiderata (Blondie), and I find a big difference when I use the rug before riding. She is very relaxed when having the rug treatment and enjoys it. As soon as I get on I can feel the difference in the horse, she feels like I have already been warming her up for twenty minutes. She takes a longer looser stride right from the beginning. She feels like a young horse! I use the rug every day but if for some reason I don’t use the rug the affect is still there for a few days.”


International Event Rider

“I have been using the combi pro system for a number of years and find it an essential part of my tool kit. The rug is in constant use both at home and at competitions, providing invaluable assistance in preparing “cold-backed” or older horses to be ridden. I also use the system as a recovery aid following strenuous exercise and credit the rug with many successful Sunday morning trot-ups!” In 2008 we upgraded our old rug to the new before travelling to Hong Kong for the Olympics. The new breathable, lightweight rug was ideal for the hot and humid conditions there but will be equally practical during the British summer.”

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