Have you considered Aqua Therapy?

Have you ever thought about aqua therapy and how it may benefit your horse? Have you ever wondered where your nearest water treadmill is located?

Whether it is part of their weekly routines, or included in a bespoke rehabilitation programme, water treadmill work can be hugely beneficial to many horses in different walks of life.

All of our water treadmills across the UK have been installed with full training to the team running them, from veterinarian Matthias Baumann, who has over 25 years experience of working with treadmills in both his veterinary practice as well as with performance horses. This means you and your horse are in safe hands no matter what your longterm aim!

Our recent installations open to the public include Summerhouse Equestrian (Glos) and Shardeloes Farm (Bucks). For a full list of locations please see our water treadmill page.