Alternative Therapy Products – have you considered all the options?

Making Sense Of It All

We’ve all heard of vibration therapy, but how could it help your horse? When used in a therapy floor, tiny movements are generated from a motor mounted within the product, putting the body in a minor state of imbalance. To correct this imbalance, muscles unconsciously make very rapid reflex contractions.

These therapy floors can be used for rehabilitation, coordination, strengthening, balance, and a variety of other training and therapy uses – to improve circulation, enhance recovery and prevent injury. They can be used in a number of different situations, pre-warm up and post cool down, for recovery and rehabilitation, or even whilst you carry out tasks like plaiting and clipping.

What makes the FMBs Combi Floor stand out from the rest? Our floor has the added benefit of Pulsed Electromagnetic therapy, which works on cellular repair and is an important additional therapy alongside the vibration. To learn more about PEMF therapy, click here.

Limited On Space: An Alternative To A Walker

If you are limited on space at your facility, a dry treadmill can be a great alternative to a traditional horse walker. Dry treadmills can be used to develop strength, fitness, flexibility, stamina, muscle tone and balance.

Depending on the make or model you go for, you will be able to alter the speed, timing and incline, enabling you to tailor each session to each individual horse’s needs.

Dry Treadmills can also be invaluable when it comes to horses needing rehabilitation walk exercise in straight lines on a consistent surface.

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