What to expect when taking your horse to the water treadmill for the first time

Join Thomas on his first trip to the water treadmill here at FMBs HQ! [...]

Raffle Winner

RAFFLE WINNER We are delighted to announce the winner of the raffle to win a [...]

Equine Water Treadmill Therapy – the benefits are endless!

Equine water treadmill therapy - the benefits are endless! [...]

Summer Introductory Offer!

£80 off the RRP of our new Red Light Tendon Wrap, when purchased with the Icehorse Tendon Wraps!! [...]

Alternative Therapy Products – have you considered all the options?

Making Sense Of It All We’ve all heard of vibration therapy, but how could it [...]

Exciting News!! Our 2019 Sponsored Riders Competition is here!

Exciting News!! Here at FMBs Therapy Systems we are again looking to support two chosen [...]

The Benefits of Equine Hydrotherapy

Equine Water Treadmills are a great way to enhance suppleness, stride length, increase cardio-vascular fitness [...]

Quick guide to equine therapy

       With lots of different therapies available, it can be hard to work out what [...]