Bio Genie


FMBS are proud to offer the most advanced Bio-Security products, via our partnership with leading experts Equine BIO Genie.

All the products are manufactured to a Medical Grade standard, 100% biodegradable and Organic compliant, yet are highly effective in eradicating all Equine bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores – proven in laboratory and field trials.

Used by some of the top equestrian professionals in the country and beyond – from racing, breeding, eventing, dressage and top veterinary practices…the commitment to environmental health and infection control should be at the forefront of any horse owners agenda.

In providing this suite of products, we are able to offer a 360 degree solution to Bio-Security in treating AIR / SURFACE & WATER, whether that be at home or on the move.

When it comes to using disinfectant, great care must be taken to avoid the toxicity of the commonly available products – we have taken care of all the science and done the homework, so you don’t have to.

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