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For years, horse vets have used empty IV bags as a makeshift solution for soaking hooves.  We took the concept and improved on it.  Hoof Wraps Brand Soaker Sacks offer another down and dirty solution for everyday hoof care. They’re made with a heavy 12 mil thick soft vinyl material and include EZ straps and one of our general purpose pads.  EZ straps have industrial grade hook on one side and loop on the other so they attach to themselves for easy application.

Each kit contains 2 Soaker Sacks, 2 EZ straps and 1 EVA foam pad.  Soaker Sacks are 18″ tall X 12″ wide so they’ll fit most hoof sizes.  They can be used for soaking or icing treatments.   Use as a standalone soaking solution or use them as a protective liner with the original Hoof Wraps Brand Soaker for longer life and easy clean up.

Equine hoof soaking treatments are an ideal way to treat abscess, thrush, yeast and fungus infections, puncture wounds, foot bruising, laminitis and white line disease.

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