We chat to Activo-Med customer Lance Whitehouse

What can you not live without in your daily routine?
“We love our Activo-Med rug. We use it religiously on all our horses, we use it twice a day on the horses jumping at top level.
Vik, our best horse is 16 years and still performing at the very top end of the sport consistently jumping Grand Prix’s, the FMBs Rug stops him from feeling stiff or sore, we strongly believe he wouldn’t have performed the way he has without the FMBs rug. We use all the setting on the rugs, for the sharper horses we use the setting to relax them, we use on the horses more relaxed an energising setting to get them focused, we use the warm up setting and the cool down setting to prepare them for competition and we use the rehab setting to keep the horses feeling good. We take the rug with us religiously to every show.

We love our Devoucoux saddles, we believe along with the rug they give extra comfort for the horses and they are then able to perform to the best of there ability.

We are a big fan of working the horses in a snaffle bridle, after riding for Nick Skelton for 2 years I learnt a lot on the groundwork and how to produce horses. I was able to ride some of his top horses including Big Star.”

Do you use an equine therapist?
“We don’t use a equine therapist, we use the rug daily and feel like this is the best for the horses.”

What’s your favourite exercise to improve horse suppleness?
“We do carrot stretches with the horses, we feel this looses them off and gets them stretching, we think it’s a really good exercise to do (as well as giving the horses extra treats!)”

Do you have any secret weapons in your arsenal?
“We really feel the whole team is vital to our success as a whole, Lydia Jackson our show groom as well as our team of trainees and home grooms really mean we can do things to the highest of standards which pay off when in the ring.”

What’s the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?
“The best piece of advice someone has given me is that the horses have to be in responsive to your aids in order to perform well, even though speed is required in a jump off, if the horse isn’t listening to you, it’s easy for a miscommunication. The horse has to be relaxed and listening to you when going in the ring. This is what makes the success.”