Maddi Burchell and Dali LOVE Activo-Med

Maddi Burchell is a Grand Prix rider who is trained by Carl Hester on her own 10 year old PRE Dali. “I absolutely love the results of the Activo-Med rug, Dali’s muscles are softer from the outset. As a rider I can then achieve so much more suppleness and thoroughness in his work, after he has been warmed up using the rug.”

As a Lazer therapist and qualified veterinary thermography I have seen the results of the Activo- Med results compared to many other similar products on the market and so feel totally confident that when I recommend Activo-Med products as a rider and trainer, I also know I am correct fro ma therapists point of view too.

I know that both Carl and Charlotte have been Activo-Med fans from over a decade. My only slight reservation is that I do not have the most up to date model, perhaps I should look at Trading in and Trading Up!