Nick Skelton and Big Star LOVE FMBs Therapy Systems

Celebrating over 8 years of FMBs Therapy Systems’ involvement with Nick Skelton and his top horses including his amazing Olympic Gold Medal winning partner Big Star…

Having been a customer of FMBs Therapy systems for well over eight years, GB Show Jumping team stalwart Nick Skelton understands the benefits that our products can provide for performance horses better than most. With an Activo-Med Cold Saltwater Spa, Activo-Med Therapy Dry Treadmill and Activo-Med Combi-Pro Rug, light therapy unit and leg wraps listed among Nick’s yard essentials, his horses enjoy Therapy treatments daily and in the run up to the 2016 Rio Olympics this obviously included his Rio Olympic Gold Medal winning partner Big Star.

“As everyone knows Big Star and I had a very good year last year culminating in us winning an individual Gold Medal in the Show Jumping out in Rio. I genuinely believe that the Activo-Med products from FMBs Therapy Systems that we used in the lead up to (and since) the Olympics attributed hugely to us getting to Rio allowing us to get our hands on that medal.
In the lead up to Rio, Big Star enjoyed the Combi-Pro rug everyday on the daily pre-set programmes to keep him supple, relaxed and his muscles in top condition. He was also lucky enough to go in our Activo-Med spa daily too. The combination of cold-water and salt provides the ideal environment for injury prevention and for the reduction of any inflammation of the muscles/joints that may occur after exercise allowing his body to recover faster than if he didn’t benefit from the spa. The dry treadmill that we also have on the yard helps all the horses, including Big Star, to build strength, stamina and balance and the gradient controls enabled us to work towards strengthening his back end without putting extra pressure on his body and legs.
I think everyone would agree that Big Star was in the shape, condition and form of his life in Rio and we think that the therapy that the FMBs products deliver had a big part to play in that.”