Equine Water Treadmill

To enhance suppleness, stride length, muscle tone, strength and rehabilitation.

For rehabilitation and as part of training to improve all-over suppleness, stride length, muscle tone and strength for performance and reducing risk of injury.
With 15 years experience and over 80 equine water treadmill installations, you will feel confident that the installation will suit your needs. We have experienced professionals who will guide you through your set up and advise on location, site requirements and options for bespoke installations. Dr Matthias Baumann can provide on-going training and support for new members of staff, refresher courses and present at open days. The water treadmills are designed and researched by equine professionals for equine professionals.

Features and benefits of the Equine Aqua Treadmill

  • Controlled, supervised exercise for rehabilitation and aerobic activity.
  • Fully transparent doors and sides now available as well as overhead viewing and operating platform.
  • Aqua walk and trot training can increase cardiovascular activity, stride length, muscle tone and strength.
  • Available as combined spa system with salt-water, spa jets and chiller unit option.
  • Over 80 aqua treadmill installations throughout the UK and Europe.
  • The front sides of the treadmill are lower allowing the horse to move in a natural outline in a non-concussive environment yet working legs to build strong tendons and ligaments.
  • Can be installed on the ground or below ground level to eliminate the need for ramps.
  • Rapid filling and emptying. Customised filtration systems.
  • Over 15 years experience of producing and installing water treadmills
  • Professionally built to last using high grade stainless steel construction.
  • Full UK servicing and backup plus support from FEI vet who has worked with water treadmills for nearly 20 years.
  • Easy walk in, walk out.
  • Less space required than a swimming pool and maintenance is easy, economic and more ecological.