How is it 2018 already?

With the rapid arrival of the New Year, you are probably turning your thoughts from the over indulgences of Christmas to the health and fitness of yourself and your steed for the upcoming season.

Along with the correct fitness regime and feeding schedule you may also consider the benefits of specialised equipment to help keep your horse sound and performing his best all season. With lots of different equipment and therapies available, it can be hard to work out what type might best suit each horse…and what each therapy does and how it works.

Some of the therapies available include:

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy (PEMF)

PEMF uses different therapeutic electromagnetic frequencies to help stimulate cells in the body promoting recovery and regeneration. The intensity, frequency and duration varies depending on the application e.g. whether you are using it prior or post exercise or for a specific injury. It can be used for general health and wellbeing, rehabilitation and to support healing.

It can help to support the repair of soft tissue injuries, reduce inflammation, for pain relief, and it can also be used to support the healing of a fracture.


Massage applies pressure to key muscle groups, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments to enhance health and wellbeing.

It can be used for relaxation, to tone and warm up muscles, to help remove waste products, and to support the movement of lymph, blood and oxygen around the body.

Hydrotherapy – Water Treadmill

Purpose built equine water treadmills that are safe, easy to operate and allow the horse to work in a controlled and straight environment, in a natural outline. Working in a water treadmill helps to enhance suppleness, stride length, muscle tone and strength.

It can also be used for rehabilitation and for aerobic activity. A great addition to any fitness regime! The water treadmills can also double up as a spa treatment when used with chilled saltwater.

Hydrotherapy – Cold Water Spa

Large units designed to accommodate the horse in a safe, comfortable way. When the doors are closed, the unit fills to a level of your choice with cold saltwater. It works on a similar idea to cold hosing but is operated at more exact temperatures, and it is used to lower the temperature of the tissue, reducing the tissue’s metabolic rate helping it to survive following injury. It also provides relief from pain, bruising and inflammation.

A spa can be used for tendon and ligament injuries, soft tissue damage, inflammation, hoof related issues, arthritis, concussion and laminitis. When filled with salt water, it can not only be used to support natural wound healing, the salt solution also acts as a hypertonic poultice, reducing oedema and influences the way the leg tissue temperature falls during treatment. Our cold water spas can also come with a vibrating floor for an additional therapeutic effect.

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